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Policy Brief – November 2022

Last week’s Fall Economic Statement (FES) predicts a rising risk of recession.

Policy Brief – October 2022

Municipal elections will be held in Ontario on October 24th…

Policy Brief – August 2022

Dust ups over a commitment from the federal government to lower nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture fertilizer.

Policy Brief – June 2022

… the Ford Government is transitioning from campaigning to governing – two very different propositions.

Policy Brief – May 2022

On June 2nd Ontario voters will have chosen their next government.

Policy Brief – March 2022

Two years of contending with a global pandemic, anti-everything protests spreading throughout the world, and now a brutal war in central Europe.

Policy Brief – May 2021

We have noticed, of late, that the days in which it is difficult to work up to full efficiency are fewer and farther between.

Policy Brief – April 2021

After instituting a provincial emergency break on the Easter long-weekend, less strict than had been recommended, Ontario’s medical community, went toe-to-toe with the Ford government.

Policy Brief – March 2021

The politics of the pandemic continue to careen widely, with the federal Liberal government’s popularity rising in direct proportion to recent good news on expected vaccination supply.

Policy Brief – February 2021

Lots of anger, fear, confusion and fatigue. It’s fair to say that the public emotions towards the ongoing management of the pandemic run the gamut – perhaps even simultaneously or moving quickly between them all.

Policy Brief – January 2021

New year’s 2021, it was hoped, would turn the page on the 2020 nightmare. Not so much it turns out with most of the country entering into continuing, renewed or enhanced lockdowns.

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